Pakistan was created through a constitutional struggle, lead by politicians of integrity and commitment, in the face of stiff opposition by opportunists like members of unionist party of Punjab and their likes in Sind and other Muslim minority areas who either supported Congress, or never wanted to see the end of colonial rule, along with thousands of paid civil and uniformed bureaucracy which served the Raj loyally in return for lands and titles.

It is an unfortunate reality that very objective of independence in words of Father of Nation, creation of a ‘modern democratic welfare state,’ was derailed by so called technocrats, in connivance with few remnants of Colonial Raj, who were blinded by their greed to occupy power and persist in plundering of state assets, which years of serving an occupation force had become almost an addiction. Pakistan’s survival now rests on ‘Rule of Law,’ supremacy of constitution and not what these, self assumed technocrats with their ill conceived version of ground reality, that military intervention in politics be legitimized, just like their predecessors before partition wanted to believe that the sun would never set on British Empire.

Technocrats and sycophants have never served Pakistan and its masses, they only serve themselves. The powerful nexus of corruption is biggest impediment against documented economy, accountability and centralized database, which are vital for state security, economy and eliminating terrorism. As long as crime pays and state does not invest in development of human resources, the environment necessary for terrorism to thrive and nourish will exist. Loopholes intentionally built within our fiscal regulatory agencies to facilitate flight of capital through illegal channels by corrupt elite, will be used by terrorists to fund their criminal operations and outflow of billions to their sponsors living in safe havens abroad.

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Lahore, December 31.