PESHAWAR - Taliban militants with help of their sympathisers within Afghan armed forces have kidnapped a United States Military official along with three companions from Yousafkhel district of Paktika province, sources disclosed on Thursday. As per details, a couple of days ago, the US official along with their Afghan colleagues visited Yousafkhel, the area bordering with Pakistans Waziristan, in connection with inspection of the border check-posts. The personnel of the Afghan Army there served the US official and his companions with drinks. After taking the drinks, all of them became unconscious and Taliban militants took them into their custody with help of their sympathisers within Afghan Army. Maulvi Sangeen has claimed the responsibility for the kidnapping of the US official while talking to some of the media persons. It is worth-mentioning here that the high-ups of the Pakistan Armed Forces had claimed the killing of Maulvi Sangeen a couple of days ago during a military action in Waziristan region. Maulvi Sangeen said that soon they would release a video of the abducted US official. He further said that Taliban Shura would decide the fate of the abducted US official. However, Militants are likely to use him for getting the release of some important Taliban leaders. It may be mentioned here that Taliban group headed by Maulvi Sangeen was also involved in kidnapping of the US journalist David Rodhe. Rodhe was associated with New York Times. He had been kidnapped from Logar province along with two Afghan aides. Rodhe later succeeded in managing his escape from the Taliban custody along with translator Tahir Loden. The US had rejected the ransom demand of the Taliban for the release of David Rodhe. His driver Asad Mangal is still in the captivity of Taliban militants in Waziristan region.