SIALKOT-Every religion gives the lesson of peace, unity, tolerance, inter-faith Harmon, brotherhood and the respect of the humanity, and strongly prohibits terrorism and killing of human beings, speakers said during a ceremony.

Pakistan Council for Social Welfare and Human Rights (PCSWHR) Chairman Ejaz Noori also addressed the participants of the Interfaith Peace Prayer ceremony held at PCSWHR office.

Noori also highly hailed the frontline role of Pakistan against the terrorism, militancy and insurgency for establishing the global peace.

He added the people of Pakistan were also ready to sacrifice even their lives against terrorism along with the armed forces of Pakistan to crush terrorism.

Addressing the participants, Bishop of Sialkot Alwin Samuel highlighted the role of the minorities in establishing the durable peace. He said that the whole of the Pakistani nation stands united against terrorism. Religious scholar Maulana Abdul Ghafur Noori said that the unity of the Muslim Ummah has now become vital to curb the menace of anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan conspiracies.

A large number of the people from all walks of life participated in the interfaith peace prayer. The participants also expressed complete solidarity with the grieved families of the Parachinar terrorism victims.