LAHORE-The aspiring actors and writers from Ajoka Institute’s “Art of Acting” and “Art of Writing” courses will showcase their talent through dramatic readings of student scripts followed by acting students’ performance of Shahid Nadeem’s evergreen Punjabi play “Jhalli Kithay Jaway”.

Directed by Nirvaan Nadeem, the play is a multi-layered comment on the societal pressures and oppression faced by Pakistani women, utilizing elements of song and dance native to our land.

Jhalli is the story of a young bride whose husband goes to Dubai immediately after the wedding and is unable to return because of the demands of a family more interested in his income.

There is no help coming from the in-laws who make no effort to make her feel welcome and their maltreatment of her aggravated the situation. In an insensitive environment the only expression of her anguish is through hysterical outbursts.

She soon regarded as having been possessed by evil spirits. In an attempt to cure her families who are from a poor rural area take the jhalli from one spiritual healer to another without success.

She is treated in turn by a mullah, a pir, a hakeem, an exorcist and finally by psychiatrists.

Her condition remains unchanged one reason being that the healers are frauds, exploiters, quacks or insensitive ignorant and too expensive.

The event will be held at the Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture (PILAC) on Thursday 4th July at 6:30 PM