KARACHI   -   The Sindh Assembly on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution and asked the provincial government to immediately form the Provincial Finance Commission for fair distribution of funds amongst all districts.

The resolution, tabled by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf member Bilal Ghaffar, was supported by all parties including the ruling Pakistan People’s Party. “This house resolves and recommends to the Government of Sindh to immediately form PFC which is due since long. It also recommends holding Parliamentary Session to formulate the structure of PFC,” resolution reads.

Speaking on the occasion, Bilal said that it was Sindh government responsibility to ensure fair distribution of funds amongst local bodies through the PFC but it had failed to do so. The constitution says that resources should be provided on the basis of population and revenue collection, he added. “The issues of Sindh can never be resolved until the powers are devolved at grassroots level,” he added.

Javed Hanif of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan said that the Pakistan People’s Party had been ruling since 2008 but it didn’t bother to form the PFC. He said Sindh government didn’t want devolution of powers, adding that it was least bothered to hold local government elections and it was the Supreme Court of Pakistan which directed them to conduct the local bodies polls.

“The PPP Sindh government always decried for the National Finance Commission but never talked about the PFC. The local bodies face severe financial crisis as the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation don’t have funds even to pay its electricity bill or release employees’ pensions,” Hanif added. He said the feeling of deprivation amongst the masses has considerably been increasing and getting ‘identity’, terming it the main reason for demand of new province.

Opposition Leader Firdaus Shamim Naqvi demanded that a committee comprising members of all parties should be formed and its recommendations to be brought to the assembly. Local Government Minister Saeed Ghani said the government don’t oppose the resolution hence there was no need for discussing it.

Resolution against use of drugs

Separately, the house also unanimously adopted a resolution asking the government to expedite anti-narcotic measures and establish rehabilitation centers for the drug addicts at government hospitals. “Use of drugs is harmful for the society and destroying future of youth. The government should expedite measures to curb this menace and establish rehabilitation centers at all private sector hospitals on urgent basis,” reads the resolution tabled by the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal’s Syed Abdul Rasheed.

The MMA member said that besides conventional drugs, the use of Ice Crystal has become common. He was of that drug was easily available across the city especially in Lyari, Keemari and Malir localities. Dr Imran Ali Shah of the PTI said that intoxicating drugs was easily available in the market and even a child could buy and consume it. He was of the view that this curse was common in the educational institutions, suggesting that schools or college should conduct random test of the students to ascertain whether they consume drugs or not. The education institutions should expel those students who found guilty of consuming drugs

‘CM advisers should take oath’

Separately, the Grand Democratic Alliance lawmaker Arif Mustafa Jatoi introduced a bill, ‘The Sindh Advisors (Appointments, Powers, Functions, Salaries, Allowances and Privileges) (Amendment) Bill, 2019’. Speaking on objects and reasons of the bill, Jatoi said that Advisors to Sindh Chief Minister were not required to take an oath before being appointed, although all other public office holders were required to do so. He demanded the house to pass his bill when it will be presented in the coming sittings.

Later, the house was adjourned till 12th July at 2:30pm.