SAHIWAL - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that plunder is order of the day as Ali Baba and forty thieves are ruling and looting the national kitty mercilessly. He said that the incumbent rulers had ruined the economy to the core while the masses were deprived of electricity from Khyber to Karachi.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was addressing a protest against the worst loadshedding here at Saddr Chowk Saturday evening. Provincial Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran, MNA Imran Shah, PML-N District General Secretary Haji Ehsanul Haq also the gathering.

They have worn black armbands and were hoisting black flags and banners with various slogans. Shahbaz Sharif stated that Zardari was making mockery of the poor masses by sitting in the {bunker} in Islamabad as if he was a spectator to the nation’s sufferings.

The Punjab CM said that loadshedding had given rise to the unemployment and the industrial sector was on the verge of collapse.

The country has incurred losses to the tune of billions of rupees due to the crippling power outages and there is no end in sight owing to the wrong polices and corruption of the imprudent rulers,” he argued, adding that the industrialist were finding themselves unsafe economically and shifting their business to countries for better future.

The Punjab CM lamented that in the present scenario it had become almost impossible for the common man to feed their children. Shahbaz Sharif questioned that for what wrong Zardari and his cohorts were taking avenge from the masses? He pointed out the nation had been plunged into darkness, saying that the masses would not forgive Zardari for his ignoble acts.

The Punjab chief minister claimed that time had come to push the crumbling wall of the rulers’ if the masses want to see Pakistan prosperous and a develop country. The rulers would have to be sent packing to guarantee the country’s sovereignty and integrity as the rulers have become security risk for the country,” Shahbaz Sharif emphasised, adding that the “thieve” would have to be brought to justice to put the country on the way to progress and prosperity.

The Punjab chief minister pledged to continue protest until the money looted from national banks and steel mills was returned. He also vowed to wear black armbands till the uninterrupted supply of electricity. The Punjab CM also reaffirmed that under PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif leadership, the masses would put the country on the way to development.