ISLAMABAD - Making mockery of their own policies, the baboos at the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MP&NR) are leaving no stone unturned to increase the woes of CNG consumers, it was learnt reliably.

As per details, the MP&NR, while setting aside its own policy issued on 30th March pertaining to CNG prices, has now instructed Ogra to maintain CNG prices till 15th June that would ultimately add salt to the injuries of consumers already bearing sky high prices of gas in the country since Dr Asim Hussain took the charge of Petroleum Ministry. On the other hand, different associations, associated with CNG business and public transport, have condemned the imposition of new levy on CNG in the federal budget (2012-13), terming it as an “anti-public move”. These associations had already devised a strategy against the government’s decision of slapping new levy on CNG. They had already appealed to the public to participate in countrywide protests against the government’s decision, as it would eventually affect the common man.

Well-informed sources in the MP&NR aware of the development further informed The Nation that the Petroleum Ministry has instructed the OGRA to stop giving reduction in price of CNG by Rs2.85/kg till 15th of June. The MP&NR has now decided to withdraw its policy issued on 30th March regarding monthly determination of CNG prices. In accordance with the policy, it was advised to the regulatory authority to ensure 45 per cent difference between the per kilo prices of petrol and CNG while setting the CNG prices in the country.

However, it is to be noted here that in accordance with the MP&NR policy, with the start of June, the price of CNG was expected to witness a decrease by Rs2.85/kg in accordance with the government decision of decrease in the price of petrol by Rs3.39/litre effective from 1st June.

Sources further informed that Dr Asim Hussain, the mighty minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, did not give his approval to trim down the CNG price in accordance with the petrol parity, no matter if the violation of MP&NR policy is being done. They told that the influential minister is desperate to put additional burden on the overburdened consumers by jacking up CNG price by Rs15/kg in the country only to discourage the CNG business in the country, adding that the minister is all out to promote poor quality LPG in a bid to benefit ‘LPG mafia’ and imported costly LNG at the cost of CNG.

It is worth mentioning that under the MP&NR policy, it was expected that CNG price would witness a decline by Rs2.85/kg in Region-I while a decrease by Rs 2.56/kg in the price of commodity for Region-II. However, in accordance with recent instructions of the MP&NR to Ogra, the price of CNG in Region-I would remain at Rs86.75/kg while Rs79.20/kg in Region -II would maintain till 15th of June this year.