LAHORE – Speakers at a seminar have stressed upon adopting healthy life style, quitting smoking, increasing physical activity and eating balanced diet to avoid hypertension.

They stressed upon carrying out regular medical check up for early diagnosis and ensuring proper management and treatment of hypertension to prevent high blood pressure related complications like heart attack and other cardiovascular related complications.

National Institute for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular diseases organized the seminar on ‘Healthy Lifestyle-Healthy Blood Pressure” here at a local hotel on Saturday. Ex-President World Heart Federation Prof Shahryar A Sheikh was the Chief Guest while head of Punjab Institute of Cardiology Prof Bilal Zakariah Khan was the Guest of Honour.

Prof Bilal Zakariah stressed upon taking measures to avoid hypertension, a silent killer. He said that timely diagnosis and proper management could help people to avoid heart attack.

Prof Shahryar stressed upon creating public awareness regarding causes of hypertension and measures to avoid further complications. He said that smoking, improper diet and physical inactivity were the main causes of hypertension. He said that cardiovascular diseases were taking more lives than any other diseases even in the developed countries. He said that the situation in developing countries like Pakistan was more alarming.

Prof Aizaz Ahmed Mand highlighted the role of hypertension in renal failure. He said that hypertension was the second major reason of renal failure after diabetes.  Dr Fareeha Sadiq said that there was need for taking precautionary measures, healthy lifestyle and walk to avoid hypertension

Dr Amber Malik highlighted social issues hindering timely diagnosis of hypertension among women and its management. She said that women were at greater risk of getting hypertension than male counterparts due to difference in symptoms. She said that more women were dying due to heart attack than any other disease.

Guidelines for climate change: Proposed guidelines for climate change resilient village reconstruction in Punjab were presented by a team of foreign experts namely; Ms Davey Lorna and Mr Sam Jewers and were also accompanied by some local experts from Mott McDonalds Pakistan in a seminar on Saturday here.

The proposed guidelines were prepared by McDonalds UK. The seminar was arranged on “Pakistan Flood Resilience Studies Project” under the aegis of Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) at the Command Control and Communication Center at the office of PDMA.

The Director General PDMA Punjab Mujahid Sherdil chaired the seminar and the Chairman NDMA Dr Zafar Iqbal Qadir was Chief Guest at the occasion. The seminar was also attended by Director General NIDM Ahmad Raza Sarwar and Director Zebun Nisa from NDMA.

The seminar was organized to get feedback from all relevant stakeholders on the proposed “Guidelines for Climate Change Resilient Village Reconstruction in Punjab”. They participants were NESPAK, Local Govt. and Community Development Department, HUD and PHE Department, The Urban Unit Punjab, Office of the Chief Architect Punjab, Civil Engineering Department UET Lahore, Lead Pakistan, CDKN and PDMA Punjab. All stakeholders appreciated PDMA’s efforts for formulating the guidelines. This initiative of PDMA Punjab was also appreciated because such rural reconstruction guidelines were non existent before.

However, the participants gave a number of valuable comments for improvements and better implementation keeping in mind socioeconomic and physical conditions found in the province. The Chairman NDMA appreciated the efforts of PDMA.