LAHORE – Newly-appointed Lahore High Court Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial has said that the judiciary has protected the national kitty and will do the same in future if corruption is pointed out in any institution.

“No one will be allowed to commit corruption at any cost and waste the public money,” Chief Justice Bandial said during a meeting with a delegation of Lahore Court Reporter Association headed by its President Shadab Riaz.

The delegation included Mian Dawood, Wajeeh Ahmad Sheikh, Shakeel Saeed, Saqlain Javed, Riaz Shakir, Syed Tahir Jaefree, Muhamad Ashfaq, Shahid Ali, Gul Chaman Shah, Muhammad Yousaf, Abdur Rehman, Malik Ashraf and Aftab Ahmad. The chief justice said the billions of rupees of national exchequer had been recovered from looters due to the efforts of Supreme Court of Pakistan. The judiciary would work according to the Constitution and law, he added.

Praising role of the media, he said: “Both media and judiciary want rule of law in the Pakistan,” he said. He expressed concerns over the deteriorating situation of some institutions of the country. He said most of the institutions were much weak in the country. “We all have to work jointly to strengthen the institutions and will have to work in right directions,” he maintained.

He said the courts would have to work to maintain their credibility; otherwise the country would witness another year like 2007 when the lawyers and civil society had started movement for restoration of judiciary. “The trend to approach the courts for justice by the public has increased after the restoration of judiciary,” the chief justice said, adding that the courts were facing problems to handle the trend. He was of the view that the procedural litigations were main cause of delay of decisions of substantive court cases.

However, he vowed to address the problems of every litigant and said the delay in justice in the cases would be decreased. He said red-tapism culture of the most of country’s departments including police, civil bureaucracy and education was a reason of procedural litigation. The lives of masses had become miserable due to the red-tapism culture.

“Immediate steps will be taken to decrease the workload on the LHC and district judiciary,” he said. He said the quality of justice would be improved as the masses approached the courts just for decisions, not for remarks. He said the judges should decide cases on merit besides issuing remarks and admonishing negligent government officers.

The chief justice said he would not allow corruption in the LJHC as well as in the district judiciary. “I am not satisfied with progress of LHC MIT (Member of Inspection Team) branch, Chief Justice Ata Bandial said. “Separate officers will be appointed to probe the applications of masses pointing out the corruption of judicial staff,” he vowed. Promising to protect the fundamental rights of the pubic, the chief justice said the doors of courts would not be closed for the poor masses. “The judiciary will interfere in case of oppression,” he concluded.