A LIBRARY book has been returned to Navan library in the Republic of Ireland ... 80 years’ late. A mystery borrower slipped the book discreetly through the letterbox at the county library at the weekend.

It was checked out in 1932. County librarian Ciaran Mangan estimates that the book has chalked up a fine of 4,160 euros.

But they are just delighted to see it back.

‘’It was an item that had been out on loan effectively since it was published and put into stock and the system in 1932,” he explained.

Based on the original 1930s fine of one penny per week, the librarian calculated that the book had incurred fines of €4,160.

But they would like to make a bargain. “As good Christians, we decided we would waive that fine if the person appears in person and confesses to having returned the book.”

There are no details on the original borrower because the library’s computerised records only date back to 1994.

However, someone may have had their conscience pricked because the overdue book is a pictorial record of the 31st International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin in 1932.

The 50th International Eucharistic Congress takes place in Dublin next month.

The book has generated a lot of interest.                            –BBC