RAWALPINDI – A six-year-old girl died on Saturday when police raided at a house at Fauji Colony to arrest some people nominated in a fraud case.

The parents alleged that girl died owing to police torture on family members while police denied the allegations, saying the girl was ailing and died of fear.

The dead body of deceased girl namely Sana Khurram was shifted to Holy Family Hospital (HFH) where the bereaved family members staged a massive protest against police atrocity. According to Kurram, the father of the deceased girl, he made a deal with Muhammad Nawaz to sell out his plot and also received token money from him some two and half years ago. However, Nawaz could not pay the full payment on due time after which the deal was got cancelled, said Khurram, adding that Nawaz filed a lawsuit in court against him.

“The court laid also down its verdict in his favour a couple of days ago but Nawaz implicated me, my father Ashraf and mother Mehfooz Begum in a fraud case with PS Pirwadhai, probably, paying bribe to police”.

On the day of incident, he said, Sub Inspector Bashir Bhatti along with four constables raided his house and subjected the family members to brutal torture.

Police also damaged households. “The SI dragged my wife Minahal and daughter Sana on floor by clutching them from hair despite of the fact that I show him the court orders of pre arrest bail but in vain. In this way my daughter died,” Khurram said while rolling tears on his cheeks.

Station House Officer (SHO) Raja Rasheed, when contacted, rebuffed the allegations, saying that the all family members of Khurram were cheater and involved in swindling various people of the locality. He said that they did same with Nawaz who filed a case against them after which police raided their house to nab the accused. Nonetheless, police returned without handcuffing any accused upon provision of pre-arrest bail orders shown by the family members.

 He said that the parents should submit an application with him and he would take legal action against raiding party if they had tortured the family members.

DMO HFH Emergency Department Dr Naheem, when approached, said that the doctors did not examine the girl as she arrived in hospital she was dead.

He said that the police and the parents were holding responsible each other for the death of the girl. The hospital administration would constitute a medical board to ascertain the cause of death of the girl.

Meanwhile, the father of the girl Khurram alleged that police and doctors have been trying to sweep the matter under the carpet and demanded of Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to come forward to rescue him.

The bereaved family was protesting in HFH against police and doctors atrocity till filing of this report.