BRAD Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be avoiding the vindaloo at their local curry house.

The Hollywood stars only moved into their posh rented pad a few weeks ago — but they are on the brink of leaving because of blocked drains.

The neighbouring gaff has been kicking up a stink after their sewers stopped working.

The problem has now moved on to several properties on this prime residential road in a Surrey village, including Brad and Angelina’s mansion.

Several homeowners have called out drains specialists to stop the stench — but nothing has been fixed for two days.

The nasty smell will leave some of the neighbours red-faced. It wasn’t long ago that they were buzzing on Brad’s intercom inviting him for a round of golf.

Now they should be coming round offering to squirt Febreze around the place.

Brad and Ange are considering moving to a hotel for the Jubilee break to escape the pong.

It would be a shame as they had been planning celebrations for their family at the new pad.

Angelina is working long hours on the set of her new film but the crew had arranged for a few days off to coincide with the weekend.

Bunting, party games and finger food had all been organised for the four-day Bank Holiday.

A source said: “Brad and Angelina have been getting their kids excited about the Jubilee.

“They know how much of a big deal it is going to be and all of the children are fascinated by the Royal Family.                            –TS