ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in its last budget has increased the budget of National Assembly (NA) by over 91 per cent under the demand for grants and appropriation for the year 2012-13.

The government has earmarked Rs 2.074 billion for this year (2012-13), while in the outgoing year (2011-12) the grant allocated was Rs 1.084 billion. According to the budgetary document, the allocated money for employee related budget was Rs 98,559,00 in last year and now it has increased as Rs 1199,569,000 for 2012-13. The pay of staff in the outgoing year was Rs 98,736,000 while this year (2012-13) it was fixed as Rs 120,546,000.

Likewise, the operating expenses in the outgoing year was Rs 732,399,000 and now with some increase it has been allocated as Rs 756,753,000. The employees retirement benefits was Rs 350,000 during last year which increased to Rs 4001,000 for year 2012-13.The document further revealed the Rs 15,738,00 was allocated for repairs and maintenance during last year, while this year it has increased Rs 17,109,000. The allocation for entertainment and gifts of Rs2,500,000 , transport, purchase of plant and machinery remained unchanged this year.