Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif has refused to take the protocol and privileges announced in the national Finance Bill 2012-13. He while addressing a seminar on “Pakistan Economy from Present Crisis to Growth and Prosperity” at a local hotel said that the present government has totally failed on all fronts including addressing  the issues of energy crisis, inflation, poverty, unemployment, health and illiteracy in the last four and half years. Nawaz was of the view that the current budget has nothing but another fraud with the poor people of the unfortunate country. He said that more than 300 percent increase has been recorded in last 12 years in the prices of commodities. He said that in his terms as Chief Minister and Prime Minister he did not import any bullet proof luxury cars or and rooted out the corruption from the country. He said that the economy of Pakistan was growing tremendously in 1997 that other regional states were taking advice from and following our economic policies in order to implement in their own countries. Nawaz Sharif said that Foreign Direct Investment is at the lowest while debt has risen to record Rs1246 billion in just last four years. He said that Pakistan is the only nuclear capable state who which is facing energy crisis due to which its economy is near to get collapsed. PML N leader Ishaq Dar was of the view that the prevailing energy crisis can be ended in few hours but it needs political will. He said that due to the lack of governance in all state institutions government has become a failed state. He alleged that the Budget 2012-13 is over estimated as there is a wide gap between projected government expenditures and earnings. Other leaders of PML (N) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Engineer Khurram Dastagir and Ahsan Iqbal said that Rs 1500 billion tax money of the poor of this country have been wasted to run eight public Sector Entities (PSE)s. They were of the view that despite Rs1200 billion subsidy in last four years to PEPCO; energy shortage is still the biggest problem of the country hampering Pakistan’s economy and forcing investors to transfer their businesses from outside Pakistan.