KARACHI - Provincial leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional Meer Muhammad Khokhar on Saturday alleged that the Senior Superintendent of Police Tando Allahyar Khalid Mustafa Korai, Haji Khair Muhammad Khokhar, Aftab Khokhar, Zahid Essa Khokhar and others are violating the orders of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry of setting his father free but they still made his father, Sardar Haji Ghulam Hussain Khokhar, hostage.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club on Saturday, Khokhar alleged that his elder brother Haji Khair Muhammad Khokhar, brother-in-law Khalid Essa Khokar, Tarique Khokhar, Aftab Khokhar and SSP Khalid Mustafa Korai had attacked his residence, bungalow, cattle farm, Haveli and agricultural farmhouses on May 29.

“Haji Khair Muhammad, Khalid was come along with more than 200 criminal armed men forcibly entered in my house and hostage his family along with domestic servants.”

Fortunately the escaped from own Haveli for saving his family members’ lives, however they left everything there”, Meer Khokhar claimed.

He said his elder brother Haji Khair Muhammad, brother-in-law, Khalid and others kidnapped his father, Sardar Haji Ghulam Hussein Khokhar, when he was being treated at a hospital in Karachi.

Later, he had his father released with the help of District and Sessions Judge Karachi (South at that time) Fahim Ahmad Siddiqi and took him abroad for treatment, he added and further said that he shifted his father to china for better treatment and care of his health, however, his brother and rival Khair Muhammad had filed a petition at Supreme Court of Pakistan and claimed that his father was killed by him; however CJP Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry orders to produce his father Ghulam Hussain before his court”. “I stopped my father’s treatment and brought him for producing before the court on May 16, however, CJP accepted that the petitioner’s claim was not valid”, he added.

Replying a query he said that the he got information that ‘all medical treatment of his father has been stopped and his health is deteriorating day-by-day’, adding, it is proved that who wants to kill my father and chief of Khokhar tribe Haji Ghulam Hussain”. He added, Khair Muhammad, Khalid Essa, Aftab, Tariq and SSP Korai should kill his father and occupy his and his father’s property.

He said several hundred peasants, workers, relatives and supporters have displaced from the village and agricultural land. “My elder brother is forcibly occupying agricultural lands and other properties with the help of the police and local administration,” he concluded.