Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Sunday said that Ali Baba and forty thieves and corrupt mafia have made the life of people miserable through loadshedding and other problems. He was talking to media men in his protesting tent office against the loadshedding at Minar-e-Pakistan, and said that the people are distressed, however, the rulers are content to watch their sufferings and hardships from air-conditioned rooms. The Chief Minister said that the rulers are wrong if they think they can resolve the issue of circular debt by printing more currency notes. He said that due to criminal negligence of the rulers, circular debt has reached the figure of Rs 400 billion during the last four years. Shahbaz maintained that the protest of the people against protracted loadshedding is justified and he fully supports them and is ready to sacrifice his life for the masses. He said that thieves and dacoits who have created problems for the people would be made to flee. He said that people can see through their designs and will reject this “favour”. He said that masses are well aware of the fact that the corrupt rulers are the main cause of their problems and want to get rid of these looters and plunderers. The convicted prime minister had promised in the energy conference held on April 09 in the provincial metropolis that a unified loadshedding schedule will be enforced throughout the country but this decision has not been implemented, he added. He said that a discriminatory attitude is being shown to Punjab regarding loadshedding, which cannot be tolerated any longer. In reply to a question about postponement of elections, he said that the rulers who do not respect the decisions of the courts nor perceive the problems of the masses can go to any extent. Replying to a question about his travel in public transport, he said that Punjab government has launched an excellent bus service for providing modern, comfortable and affordable transport facilities to the masses. He said that he had traveled by bus with the people before and also reached his tent office at Minar-e-Pakistan today (Sunday) by public transport.