ISLAMABAD - A total of Rs 1,54,5546 million net transfer to provinces would be made, which is 22.1 per cent higher than the previous financial year’s revised budget allocation of Rs 1,266,044.

Out of these allocations, the allocation to the provinces under the divisible pool would be Rs 1,30,3009 million, which would be distributed among the provinces under the NFC Award.

Under the NFC Award, the provinces would be given special allocations from the Federal Government on the basis of population, poverty and backwardness, revenue collection or generation and inverse population density.

So under the formula thus devised Balochistan would get 9.09 per cent out of divisible pool, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 14.62 per cent, Punjab 51.74 per cent and Sindh 24.55 per cent.

According to the breakup of the net transfer some Rs 1303009 million would be doled out to provinces in the ratio given above while under straight transfer head some Rs 155915 million, special grants/ subversions Rs 56739 million, project loans Rs 65984 million Japanese grant Rs 78 million would be given to the provinces.