SADIQABAD - A former adviser to the Punjab chief minister has said that the ongoing power crisis keeps on aggravating in the country due to the federal government’s flawed policies based on corruption.

He also held the PPP-led government responsible for the all the national crises. “The Public should gather at the PML-N platform to oust the incapable rulers,” Mian Imtiaz Ahmad said while talking to a delegation of local dignitaries at his residence in Rahim Yar Khan. “The burden of foreign debts is increasing with every passing day. The people should not delay in getting rid of the present rulers, else our today will be unsafe and future dark.”  

He was of the view that to increase power tariff daily is not justified amidst prolonged loadshdding. The outages of 12 to 15 hours had made the people’s life miserable in the district, leading to destruction of industries and mental emabarrasment for the farmers and other professionanls. He added that the centre gave nothing to the people except crises.