KARACHI - The Department of Microbiology, Karachi University (KU) in collaboration with the USDA/FAS and the University of Idaho, are organising a training workshop on: Canned Foods: Principles of Thermal Process Control, Acidification and Container Closure Evaluation in 2 phases: Phase-I from June 3-4, 2012, and Phase II (16-17 July 2012).

The goal of this workshop is to increase the technical capacity of an important segment of the Pakistan food industry of which Karachi is a center and to familiarise participants with microbiological safety issues, international trade requirements and good manufacturing practices for thermally processed low acid and acid/acidified foods packaged in tins, glass, and flexible containers.

The course faculty will include colleagues from US and Pakistani universities as listed below. The venue is the KU - ASM Bio Resource Center – Department of Microbiology.