All Pakistan Dry Ports Association (APDPA) Chairman Muhammad Ishaque Butt has expressed deep concern over the blockade of bonded carriers licences of all up-country dry ports.The abrupt action of Collector (Appraisement) Karachi played havoc to the exports and hampered logistic planning of exporters of the region.The licences of up-country dry ports were blocked for want of bank guarantee of Rs5 million to cover the risk of loss of custom duties if import cargo en-route is damaged or lost,” he said. Talking to media here the other day, the Chairman questioned as to why exports were stopped and reiterated that export had nothing to do with bank guarantee and unjustifiably blocked. Due to the energy outage, law and order situation and rising cost of doing business, exporters have been facing difficulty to manage their supply chain and compete internationally, adding that such blockade of export would result in missing of vessels and other serious repercussions which may lead to cancellation of export orders, causing huge loss to the national exchequer.Ishaque Butt said that the APDPA officials had met the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) chairman and member customs to discuss the issue, adding that despite these meeting no action could be taken ease the situation. Such step-motherly treatment being extended to up-country dry ports which have been playing a pivotal role in development of the export culture and volume, will serve no purpose rather affect the already fragile atmosphere,” he pointed out, adding that All Pakistan Dry Ports Association had written a number of letters to FBR over important issues but nobody dare to respond to even a single letter to-date. Mr Butt emphasized that the time had come to remove the double standards, adding that Pakistan Railways and NLC were exempted from bank guarantee as bonded carriers and up-country dry ports being permanent establishment should be treated in the same way. Under protest, he said that bank guarantee of required amount had been submitted as a result of which license had been restored and export cargo was on the track now.The APDPA chairman said that let the new government formed then the association would approach Prime Minister in-wait Nawaz Sharif to discuss all issues relating to up-country dry ports and issues affecting the exporters and importers of the region.