LONDON BBC - A Banksy artwork that went missing from a wall in north London and was then withdrawn from an auction in the US is up for sale again later.

The mural, called Slave Labour, disappeared from Wood Green in February and appeared in a Miami auction. It was removed from the lot after protests but it is now being offered for sale by the Sincura Group.

MP Lynne Featherstone has urged the owners of the mural to give it back to the residents of north London.

The mural, which depicts a boy hunched over a sewing machine making union jack bunting, appeared on the side of a Poundland store in May 2012, just before the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Sincura said the mural had been "sensitively restored" and if the piece did not reach the reserve price it would be sold to a collector in the US.

Tony Baxter, director of the Sincura Group, said he could not divulge the owner of the piece but insisted it was being sold legally.

He said there was a chance the work would leave the UK unless an "angel" bought it and put it in a museum.

But Ms Featherstone, Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, said: "This is admirable, perhaps, but also incredibly optimistic. "So now I make this direct plea to the owners of the Banksy piece: You have this one last chance to do the right thing.

"You have deprived a community of an asset that was given to us for free and greatly enhanced an area that needed it. "I call on you, and your consciences, to pull the piece from both potential sales and return it to its rightful place."

When the Bristol artist's mural was up for auction in Miami, it was expected to fetch up to £450,000. It was suspected the work had been stolen when it disappeared, but the Metropolitan Police said there were "no reports of any theft".

Slave Labour will go on sale at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden on Sunday evening.