LOS ANGELES: Jennifer Aniston is hopping mad! The actress is said to be furious with ex-husband Brad Pitt for giving an interview to Parade magazine and he kind of maybe said that Jennifer is kind of dull and that he hated being married to her. Within a day of the interview release, Brad released a public statement sort-of apologising for his statements about Jennifer, and that statement was parsed, exploited and sensationalised as well.

But Aniston isn’t happy. “She was annoyed,” a source told Us Weekly. “She thought it was rude and inappropriate. Her agents and publicists went ballistic and angrily reached out to Brad’s camp. They got his team involved and Brad was read the riot act - the only way you can read the riot act to Brad Pitt. No one believes his words were taken out of context - he said what he said. I do hear that he’s remorseful. We think he’s jealous she’s in love.” –SS