SEOUL: Just as we thought the buzz around Psy’s hit record Gangnam Style had finally died, a video of a cockatoo dancing along to it may just be the spark it needed to re-emerge into the mainstream.

The one-minute video clip shows a cockatoo bopping along to the tune that thrust the South Korean rapper into stardom when it became a huge YouTube hit last year. The animal can be seen jumping up and down and shaking its head to the melody.

It also moves its wings to the beat and does a jig with its feet, all to the delight of online viewers. YouTube user Mattitude678 wrote: ‘That awkward moment when a parrot dances better than you…’

Jade Kalksa was also impressed and added: ‘I have replayed this video exactly 1,329 times because the video is so funny and cute.’ Gangnam Style became the first YouTube video to clock up one billion views and also sparked a worldwide phenomenon of people copying Psy’s dance moves.–Metro