Through a video message, the kidnappers of a doctor, his son and driver who were kidnapped one and a half months ago from Multan, have demanded the release of their accomplices from police custody and threatened to kill the victims if their demand was not accepted till June 5.Dr Khan Wazir, a resident of Zahir Pir area, and the other two persons were kidnapped when they were on their way to home. In the recorded video message, Dr Khan appealed to the district police officers of Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur and Multan to release the arrested members of Ghulam Rasool Chootu Mazari gang against their release. In the video, it is highlighted that the kidnappers have chained the victims’ hands and feet. They are given meal with two glasses of water once a day and are kept them in a mud house where weapons are placed around them. Dr Khan said in the message that he was in the custody of Chootu Mazari who met him last day and threatened him to urge the police for the release of his accomplices arrested by police. Dr Khan requested his family members to meet with the DPOs and try to solve the issue by releasing Chootu gang members and in return they would be released from Chootu Gang’s custody. When this scribe tried to contact DPO Rahim Yar Khan Sohail Habib Tajik, his cell was found powered off but his PRO Arshad Nawaz said that the Rahim Yar Khan police had no information regarding the video message. However, he admitted, a news channel had reported the issue. He said that Dr Khan was kidnapped near Multan which is out of the Rahim Yar Khan police jurisdiction. The Pakistan Medical Association and the Young Doctors Association’s local office-bearers protested against the kidnapping outside the DCO Chowk. PMA Rahim Yar Khan Secretary-General Dr Abdussalam Arshad said that a relative of Dr Khan Wazir Jahangir Khan has received many calls from Chootu Mazari gang in which they demanded ransom money of Rs 50 million against their release. He said, “We have received the video message released by Chootu Gang and DHO Dr Hasan has that CD. Dr Abdussalam further said that when they contacted the DPO and requested him to release the Chootu Mazari gang members, Chatta agreed to release one member of the gang. But, Dr Abdussalam said, the gang had turned down the police offer and gave the deadline of June 5, 2013 otherwise that gang will kill the kidnapped persons.He noted that an MNA of district Rajanpur is also being approached by the PMA for the mediation as advised by the Chootu Gang too. He said that the PMA will continue protest till the kidnapped persons’ release.