MANCHESTER : The process of polling for elections of England and Wales Law Society 2013 started here on Sunday.

The polling, started on May 23, will continue till June 20 in order to facilitate the voters to cast vote to their favorite candidates. Among the candidates contesting elections for the membership of England and Wales Law Society, is a Pakistani National M Aslam Sheikh.

Aslam is a solicitor who is still going prominent against all his rivals of other countries. The campaigning was on the peak and Muhammad Aslam is also on race. He met with local lawyers and solicitors including Liaqat Malik, Abid Chuhan, Maqbool Malik, Javed Bhatti, Muhammad Tahir Ansari, Malik Bilal Zia, Rai Sarfraz, Shoaib Ahmad, Muhammad Shahid, Abdur-Rauf Bhatti, Saeed Hussain Nagra, Nadeem Sheikh.

The above said solicitors also assured him their full support.

Addressing during his elections campaign, Muhammad Aslam stressed upon the legal fraternity to make sure of their full participation by casting their votes. He said the action would be taken for the solution of the problems of Pakistani lawyers in England. It is also pertinent to mention here that Muhammad Aslam was prominent among all other candidates from India, Sri Lanka and China and running a very strong campaign.