ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) has learnt nothing from their past mistakes as instead of retaining the Asian Junior gold medal winning team, the federation has opted again trial matches. These trial matches would serve no purpose to either federation or to the players. The Asian gold medal winning junior players were promised by the federation that if they managed to win the gold medal they would be given automatic place in the World Junior Squash Team Championship. But the promise like many others remained to be fulfilled as bowing down to associations’ pressure, the PSF has once again backed off from their promise and started a fertile exercise.

The PSF is also not utilising head coach Jamshed Gul's services properly as he is over-burdened. It is not the duty of head coach to conduct training camps of juniors, beginners and females. The prime duty of national coach to train senior players and assistant coaches and associations are supposed to deal with juniors and especially the new comers. Jamshed had absolutely no say as far as selection of team or other related issues are concern. What is the purpose of hiring a national coach when he is not at least consulted regarding team selection ?

The PSF has started trials for the junior team selection but no one responsible from the federation bothers to at least witness what is going on in the trials. Such was the pathetic condition, that the water which is provided to the players is completely unhygienic as bacteria's were clearly seen in the water cooler. The players are being provided with substandard food. The players had time and again registered complaints with secretary Abdul Wahab Marwat but no heed was paid and they were told to carry on with the given 'over the moon' facilities. The PSF should at least provide these future title hopes of the country with proper food, rackets, pair of quality shoes.

Pakistani players were forced to wear substandard track suits during the recently concluded Asian Senior Individual Squash Championship, which were not even fit to majority of players. All the other participating countries players were fully equipped from bottom to top but Pakistani players were left to wear substandard track suits and shoes. If the federation really wants to produce a world champion in squash then they had to invest properly and had to take good care of the players.