Once again, students of four-year BS (Hons) programme, studying at 26 autonomous colleges of Punjab, have been deprived of summer vacations because of poor semester scheduling, it is learnt.

Students of BS (Hons), who have been vacation deprived since the inception of the programme in autonomous colleges, urged authorities to give them summer vocations. The students were of the view that this was happening because of mismanagement of semesters. They said that the affiliating university had not been conducting semesters’ examinations in time since the commencement of BS programme in autonomous colleges.

Students of semester system of various disciplines have to attend their classes in sizzling heat and often during power outages.

It may be mentioned here that a large number of students have left the programme because of delay in examinations and they have opted simple graduation programme instead.

It is not only with the students but the teachers of these colleges had also been deprived of vacations due to classes. The teachers claim that the students must be relaxed once in a year but the BS programme was denying them an opportunity to relax even for a short period, following the year-long academic activities.

The continuation of the classes also irked parents who had to do all the picking and dropping in the scorching heat. Parents complain that they were being compelled to send their children to the colleges in severe heat. They urged authorities to take notice of the issue and direct colleges and university to relax their schedule at least for a month. A student said that when all other educational institutions had been closed, the BS programme students have to attend the classes.

The student said that the two semesters could be completed in one year easily with the vocations. “It is just mismanagement as there are only two semesters in one year and one semesters is of four and half month long. So the two semesters could be completed in nine months,” said the student.