LAYYAH -  Schoolteachers held a protest against the government as another 36 public sector schools here have been handed over to the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF).

Earlier, in first phase, 14 government schools and in second phase 45 schools had been handed over to Punjab education foundation.

Out of the 36 schools, 19 government primary schools are situated in Chaks 425 TDA, 145 TDA, 142 TDA, 150 TDA, 148 TDA, Lohanch Nasheeb, 149 TDA, 472 TDA Sumandar Wala, Karkan, 252 TDA, GPS 165 TDA Ladhana, 151 TDA Wahagy Wala, 158, 149 TDA, 161 and Sultan Wala. In tehsil Karor, seven government schools have been handed over to the private sector. These are situated in Peer Chattar Sharif, 75 TDA, 238 TDA, 267 TDA, 221 TDA, 94 TDA, and 95. Likewise, 9 schools of tehsil Choubara are also included in the list. These are located in 312 TDA, 311 TDA, 122 ML, Dera Rajwani, Patidargai, 370 TDA, 371 TDA, 312 TDA and 311.

The teachers belonging to these schools protested on the decision of Punjab government. The teachers talking to The Nation said that they were trying the best to educate the students. The enrolment in these schools was poor as the schools were located in far off areas, they said.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Education Khalida Parveen said that due to the poor performance and low enrolment in the schools, the Punjab government decided to hand over the schools to Punjab Education Foundation. She said that education department will take action against the teachers showing poor results.

She added that all the schools with poor performance had been handed over to PEF and now no more school will be handed over to PEF.

Central Teachers Alliance (CTA) leader Rana Sultan Mehmood said that Punjab government wanted to ruin the education in Punjab. He added that nonprofit organisations including PEF were involved in Punjab to attain the control of government schools. He said that NGOs have foreign agenda to gradually control the education department. He announced in March, CTA will arrange a huge protest in Lahore against the Punjab government and will force the government to change its policies about schools and teachers.