PESHAWAR - Adviser to Prime Minister and Provincial President of PML-N, Ameer Muqam has said that fake NOC of Banigala has exposed the true face of Imran Khan who was indulged in the habit of misleading the public for his political objectives.

Talking to various delegations here, he said that the fake certificate has proved that those who are targeting the political opponents and deceiving people are themselves involved in corruption and corrupt practices.

He said Imran is trying to create conflict between institutions for his vested interests and there is a lot of difference between his deeds and slogans.

Muqam said that it is astonishing that PTI government who propagated Right to Information Act beyond logical proportion is now planning to make it toothless.

He said that government is now suggesting proposals to deprive people of getting information which is regrettable.

He said that the government is trying to hide information from the general public that negates claims of the PTI to bring transparency and merit in its affairs. He said that PTI who was voted into power for its slogans has miserably failed to deliver in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.



Bureau Report