ISLAMABAD - Imran Khan who has been crying hoarse from every convenient roof-top promising to end corruption in the country is himself guilty of forgery.

This was stated by Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb while talking to media outside the Ehtesab Court here on Friday.

She said that NOC for the construction of Imran's own house had turned out to be a fake.

The Minister said that Imran Khan who relished tweeting on anything under the skies had not tweeted for the last three days whether the NOC submitted by him in the SC was fake or real, adding, that he should also give his response on the issue.

She said that reference after reference was being filed against former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif whereas a man who had submitted fake documents in the court had been given respite for two weeks.

The Minister said that the former Prime Minister initiated war against terrorism in line with his vision and it was also the PML-N government, which took the country out of grey list in 2015, mainly due to the efforts made by Ishaq Dar.

She observed that it would also have to be probed as to when and how many times the country was included in the grey and black list.

Marriyum said that during PPP regime the country was included in the black list many times. The Minister emphatically claimed that all soldiers of PML-N and its members were standing behind Nawaz Sharif and would always be there to face any adversity as a united force.

She posed a question as to whether removing the name and symbol of the party was not pre-poll rigging.

She said that inspite of this development the PML-N Senator clinched votes. Marriyum said that similarly the PML-N Senators would also succeed in the March 3 Senate elections.

She said that the times for in and out had gone past and now only the people would bring in the Prime Ministers and democratic parties on the basis of their performance. The Minister pointed out that the performance of PML-N was visible to the entire country.

Responding to a question she said that Panama verdict was delivered which was followed by the boxes of the JIT and then the references which were still incomplete.

The minister said Imran often referred to democracy in UK but he needed to be asked as to who would answer for incessant lies and depositing false documents in the SC.

She said that the former Prime Minister was appearing in the court twice a day and six supplementary references had been filed against him which were being watched by the people. The Minister claimed that the enthusiasm of the voters and candidates of PML-N was worth seeing and it was only PML-N which could face elections with raised hands.

Marriyum said that Nawaz Sharif had said that he would uphold the truth courageously with the support of the people.