Pollen to start soon in twin cities: PMD


ISLAMABAD: Pollen is likely to start in the first week of March in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and expected to attain peak during second fortnight of March.

Pollen season is expected to end by mid of April. Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) monitors the airborne pollen in Islamabad throughout the year.

Pollen monitoring unit of PMD has installed pollen monitoring devices in different sectors of Islamabad (H-8, E-8, F-10 and G-6), an official of Met office told this agency.

The pollen concentration increases gradually with the onset of Spring season and attains its peak around full blossom. Rainy spell during the first week of March may delay the on-set of pollen season in twin cities, he said.

The most abundant pollen types in the federal capital are from eight plant species (i.e. Paper Mulberry, Acacia, Eucalyptus, Pines, Grasses, Cannabis, Dandelion and Alternaria).

Out of all these plants, Paper Mulberry shares about 97 per cent of the total pollen and its concentration touches the extreme limits of about 40,000 per cubic meter of air at the peak of the blossom season.

People suffering from Asthma and respiratory diseases experience serious consequences due to sharp increase in pollen concentrations.–APP


Lok Virsa to screen classic film Talash

ISLAMABAD: The National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) Mandwa Film Club would organise screening of classic film “Talash” 1976 on Saturday at its media centre.

Film “Talash” was directed and produced by Pervaiz Malik.

Pervaiz Malik’s film titles ranged from Talash and Ehsaan to Doraha, Soghat, Anmol, Bushman, Pehchaan, Arman, Sachai, Pakeeza, Qurbani and Gumnam. 

Many of his films celebrated silver and golden jubilees at Karachi and Lahore. He was honoured with several awards, including Pride of Performance by the president.

 ‘Talash’ was released in January 1976. The mid-seventies offered a boom for film business. Over hundred films were produced that year.

Pervaiz Malik was competing with director Nazar Shabab’s Shabana, Iqbal Yousaf’s remake of Godfather Andaata and actress Sangeeta’s directorial debut Society Girl.              

Notwithstanding these box office winners, ‘Talash’ played well at the box office and won favourable press reviews.

With story and dialogue by Masroor Anwar and screenplay by Pervaiz Malik himself, this was age old ancient lost-and-found formula which must begin and conclude here with the song ‘Pyar Ki Aag’.

Apart from multi-star cast, composer Nisar Bazmi’s score was a major highlight of ‘Talash’ with top of the chart melodies: ‘Pyar ki aag nighaoon mey’, ‘Kuch mehangai ney luta’ and ‘Dekha jo mera jalwa’ All in all, ‘Talash’ brought mixed bag of average entertainment which was supposed to be in demand then.

Looking back, the film must be reviewed from what film goers wanted in January 1976-”Talash”.–APP