TOBA TEK SINGH-The district administration has ordered an inquiry into the death of a 13-day old girl after the administration of anti-polio vaccine in Shahpur near Sindhillianwali.

Her father Wasim had complained that as soon as a vaccinator administered anti-polio vaccine to his 13 days old daughter Sana, her condition deteriorated and she died when she was being shifted to DHQ Hospital.

Deputy District Officer (Health) Dr Bahlak Ali claimed that the same vaccinator also administered the vaccine to 18 other children who all remained well and the reaction to just one child was not understandable.

He added that the vaccine bottle had been examined which had expiry date of August 2019. He also said that two drops were still present in the vial which had been sent to Lahore testing laboratory however a departmental inquiry into the incident will also be conducted.