islamabad - The authorities have opened Jinnah Avenue for traffic and general public after years of blockade at the old Parade Ground entrance.

The step has been taken on the direction of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to facilitate the general public. The road in front of the parliament house was initially blocked several years back when President Musharraf ruled the country. The blockade of the Jinnah Avenue at the Ataturk Avenue was meant to block entry of the protesters into the Red Zone and Constitution Avenue when anti-Musharraf protests mount back in 2007.

Since then the road remained almost blocked for general public and the people faced a lot of difficulty in reaching the Parliament House, Pak Secretariat and other important government offices in the Red Zone. The opening of the avenue would help maintain smooth traffic flow and ease the traffic on the main artery. 

The barricades and the containers have been removed from the area and heavy contingents of police and Rangers have been deployed at the old Parade Ground which was once used for holding March 23rd military parade. The city administration has now set up new Parade Ground near Shakarparian, Faizabad.

The anti-Musharraf marches started in 2008 which demanded reinstatement of the deposed judges. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and the PPP both struggled for the reinstatement of the judges deposed by the military dictator Pervez Musharraf. The lawyers and political leaders got together against Musharraf for the “go Musharraf go” campaign. Earlier in 2007, the Lal Masjid issue had rocked the capital city leading to protests and rallies causing the authorities to restrict entry into the Red Zone by blocking the Jinnah Avenue.