OKARA-The PML-N always waged war against national institutions whenever it comes under pressure for its wrongdoings, Syed Samsam Ali Bokhari, a PTI leader and former state minister.

Talking to journalists in meet the press programme, he further said that the PML-N had been running the same old trailer of its history by turning ignominious and vengeful against the judiciary. He said the PML-N had been fighting a dirty war to save its skin, offices, and key persons. The PML-N heads did not have any sense of respect and dignity for democracy, parliament and judiciary, he said.

The N leaguers have now fallen prey to extreme embarrassment, he said. He suggested to the Election Commission of Pakistan that it should cancel the registration of PML-N as no disqualified person could become leader of any political party.


Punjab language lovers organised a Mehfil-e- Mushaira under Maan Boli Savik in connection with International Mother Language Day here the other day.

Renowned Punjabi poet Irshad Sindhu was the chief guest at the function while poets including Prof Amin Anjum, Haider Ali Haider, Imlak Jidran, Sufi Abdul Sattar, Rai Zaheer Kharal, Rai Umar Hayat, Tariq Qamri, Muhammad Arshad, Shafqat Rasool and Abdul Rehman Shah enthralled the audience with their beautiful poetry.

On the occasion, it was brought to surface that mother language was the basic and genuine source of delivering the concept and clarity of the subject and phrases. "Maan Boli" can deliver without any language barrier and gap. The poetic verses were appreciated by the participants.

Later, a resolution presented by writer/ poet Muhammad Arshad was unanimously passed demanding the provision of at least primary level education in "Maan Boli".