LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Saturday said that those who had shown the worst performance in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) are doing the politics of lies and baseless allegations.

He said Imran Khan Niazi is the founder of politics of lies in Pakistan but he should know that no conspiracy to detract people through artificial support could succeed.

In a statement, CM Shehbaz Sharif said the elements which were levelling allegations were not well-wishers of the nation and they had tried to obstruct development and progress at every stage. But they had faced humiliation and the truth had won finally, he added.

He said that opponents of the public development should know that the trick of their negative politics would fail because the people did not pay attention to hollow slogans and claims and negative politics.

The chief minister said that during the PML-N tenure, all development projects had been completed and they had no parallel in terms of transparency. He said billions of rupees were saved in development projects.

He said development projects had been completed in all parts of the province and South Punjab had been given importance in every project.

He said that people hate politics of allegations and accusations and they wanted prosperity and development. He said the people would reject leaders of liars in 2018 general elections.

He said the PML-N considered public service its obligation and today Pakistan is more secure, peaceful, developed and strong compared with the past.

He said that the PML-N had dedicated all its efforts to public service. He said that people were benefiting from various development projects. He said every project of was an example of transparency, top quality and speed.