LAYYAH-Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced jobs for heirs of each of the toxic sweets victims, promising that the government will not let any of the guilty persons get off scot-free.

“On completion of the inquiry report, I will come back to Layyah after two week and announce punishment for those found involved in incident.... one way or the other,” the chief minister pledged.

Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif was talking to the members of toxic sweets affectees during a visit to Fatehpur Chak 105/ML on Monday.

He offered condolence to the families over the loss of their dear ones and assured them of all-out help on behalf of the government. The chief minister also announced up-gradation of local Basic Health Unit, adding that all roads of the Chak 105/ML would be repaired and new roads would be constructed in the area.

Earlier, the chief minister reached Chak 105/ML where effected families of Chak 106 and 109 had gathered. He met with parents of the deceased persons. On the occasion, affected families’ spoke out against negligence and apathy of doctors in DHQ Hospital Layyah and Nishtar Hospital Multan. They also complained about the lack of facilities in government hospitals. Selected affected families were allowed to enter the hall to meet the Punjab CM.

Umar Hayat, who has lost 13 family members to the toxic sweets, told Shehbaz Sharif that their children died due to negligence of doctors and lack of facilities in hospitals. “Those who got treatment in government hospitals died while others who did not go to hospitals have recovered,” he pointed out, adding that he had consumed two Ludos and was taken to hospital but due to lack of care by doctors he had run away, now is healthy after taking local remedies.

Zahida Bibi whose three children had died due to the consumption of poisonous sweets, told the chief minister that doctors ignore their patients in hospitals. “Doctors behaviour was not good during treatment and both the doctors and nurses criticised her for eating toxic sweets,” she claimed. She also cited doctors as to have told her that due to her children, other patients were disturbed and that their (her children) presence was affecting quality of treatment in the hospital.

They demanded stern action against the doctors and better facilities at local hospitals.


A large number of persons belonging to the affected families were not allowed entry into the hall to meet the Punjab CM at which they staged a protest against the Punjab government and local administration. They chanted slogans against the district administration, demanding that the chief minister should order a probe into the injustice. They blamed that only selected people who could not talk about the issue, were issues passes.


On other hand, local media men were not permitted to cover the CM’s visit and were restricted to outside of the hall. Only Pakistan Television covered live visit of Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif. The local mediamen protested against the government behaviour, asking the government media mangers to change this “biased policy.”