Hawkish lobbies particularly in Pakistan would have a field day after the arresting of Indian secret agencies RAW activist from Balochistan. 

Over the year peace loving lobby in Pakistan has gained considerable ground. Terrorist activities and situation on Pak Afghanistan border and also security situation inside Pakistan also have considerable shifting of policy on security establishment of Pakistan. Clearly the chance of long lasting peace in the region was becoming brighter day by day but the recent development might prove great setback to the always fragile peace process. True Indian hawkish lobby would jump to their traditional stand that if Pakistan is involved in incident like recent patakahnkot, India has right to follow suit. That stand is destructive. First Pakistan involvement is not proved in patkahankot and if any non state actors link is proved than Pakistan cannot be blamed because Pakistani state itself is under attack from non state actors. But the illegal presence of agent of India’s prime secrete agency and his confession for subversive activity proves Pakistan’s long fears that India is fueling insurgency in Balochistan. Thus peace lobby, security establishment and PMLN government would be under pressure from Pakistani hawks to talk tough. 

GULSHER PANHWER,  Johi, March 27.