Imagine if there would be no single tree remains in the world, the whole world will become like a black and white old movie. If we just cannot imagine without trees then how could we survive without trees? we have to think about this matter the whole world is interested to save trees, why? 

They all are not mad but there is a fact that we Pakistanis are not familiar with that but they know that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release it at night, but whenever they’re destroyed, that carbon is releases out But as is often the case, reality is more complicated. 

Scientists from UC Davis conducted a study that found that if forests are lost, the temperature would cross 45 degree centigrade and this is really being done in Pakistan , This is due to the fact that forests absorb heat from the sun during the day and retain it at night and due to that forest areas remains Cold but regret to say there are no trees to done this process. So that’s why last year temperature was reached to 45 to 50 C in Karachi and many people died in Karachi due to high temperature and suffocation which was produced because no tree was there to Absorbs carbon dioxide so if carbon dioxide remains in environments so it produce suffocation and causes the humans to die. 

As compare to Punjab and KPK, Sindh and Balouchistan got less trees. The KP gov’t took a good step to plant over 1.2b trees. And it is not only responsibility of government but also the people of Pakistan ought to play their role in take care of plants to make them a tree. 

TAHIR AZIZRUSTAMANI,  Hyderabad, March 25.