ISLAMABAD -  Following the “tweet fiasco”, the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has decided not to tread a confrontational course and sort out the “misunderstanding” with armed forces on Dawn leaks inquiry report.

During the last couple of days, select ruling party leaders held marathon sessions at the Prime Minister’s Raiwind residence on the issue, and attributed the whole issue to “misunderstanding” as the Prime Minister’s Office had issued a directive only relevant to the recommendations of paragraph 18 of the report, while the rest of the recommendations the notification would formally be issued by the Ministry of Interior in due course, a senior PML-N leader informed The Nation on authority. 

The matter of Dawn leaks inquiry report is within  a few top leaders of the ruling PML-N and even most of the federal cabinet members were not taken into confidence on its findings as when contacted two federal cabinet members expressed their ignorance about the findings of Dawn leaks report.

Another cabinet member when asked about the matter said with a smile that they were getting the information about the issue through media as the cabinet members were not taken into confidence on the findings of the inquiry committee, which had submitted its report to the interior minister last week and later it was presented to the prime minister.

When asked about the future course of the ruling PML-N after the rejection of the prime minister’s directive on the issue, a source in the government said that actually the directive pertained to the recommendations in paragraph 18 of the report and the complete notification would follow, which would be formally issued by the interior minister.

To another question, he said that it was not decided as yet when the Dawn leaks inquiry report would be made public as it was the sole prerogative of the prime minister, the sources in the party informed The Nation.

Sources further said that there was an eerie calm on the issue as after the rejection of the prime minister’s directive on the Dawn leaks by the ISPR Director-General Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor there was no overt contact between the civil and military leadership, however, people on both sides were in contact obviously on a damage control mission.

Sources in the government said that there was no question taking back the prime minister’s directive.

However, the chances of further orders and direction in the light of the report may follow in the formal notification of the Interior Ministry.

The denial of any role in the news leak by former special assistant to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi would have no bearing on the prime minister’s directive to strip him of his portfolio, because the prime minister had taken action in the light of the recommendations of the committee’s report.

Similarly, the chances of PIO Rao Tehsin to challenge the inquiry against him under E&D rules 1973 have the same case and had nothing to do with the prime minister’s directive, which was in line with the committee’s report.

Sources said that a full-fledged notification encompassing the recommendations of the Dawn leaks report in totality would be notified by the interior minister in a next few days.