Sadiqabad/Rahim Yar Khan   -   Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said his party’s real contest is not with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Peoples’ Party but with the ‘aliens’ – a reference to the so-called establishment.

Addressing public gathering at Ahmedpur Lamma near Sadiqabad on Wednesday, the supreme leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz addressed PTI chief Imran Khan and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, telling them they did not present him any real challenge.

“Imran Khan Sahib, I don’t have any competition with you… Zardari Sahib, Nawaz Sharif does not have a competition with you as well… I don t have any competition with both of you but with the ‘aliens’ which cannot be seen,” he said, adding that the people of Pakistan were with him.

He said that PTI was nothing in front of him, adding that they (PTI leadership) only know how to play cricket. He said it was he who [as a prime minister] had provided land for Shaukat Khanum hospital in 1990 but now an unthankful Imran Khan has forgotten this favour.

The former prime minister said he was disqualified [as a member of National Assembly] for not taking salary from his son, and then he was disqualified [for holding public office] for life. He said he failed to comprehend court verdict, given on a trivial issue.

Addressing the participants, he said that it appeared as if Sadiqabad had awakened ‘today’. “The heart of south Punjab is awakening. I am very lucky for one does not get such respect from the people easily.”

The PML-N supermo said those who had announced verdict of his disqualification should come to Sadiqabad and witness the enthusiasm of the masses.

He calling the charged crowed asked who curtailed incidents of kidnappings and who brought peace in Karachi, adding that who eliminated terrorism from the country.

“I served the people, rid them of darkness, eradicated terrorism and made motorways,” Nawaz Sharif said. “But I was disqualified only because of not receiving salary from [my] son.”

Thousands of people vote to elect the country’s prime minister, but five people removed the elected PM, he added.

He said that efforts have been made to create mistrust between him and the workers, but all the misunderstandings will be removed soon.

Nawaz said the next 70 years in the country would not be like the past 70 years, those would instead be the years of Pakistan’s prosperity.

He urged the masses to consider 2018 elections as a referendum, adding that if he again formed a government then poor people would be issued health cards.

“Home for everyone will be our manifesto,” the PML-N leader said, adding that Pakistan could be made Asian tiger in the next 10 years.

Earlier, the daughter of ex-PM, Maryam Nawaz, also addressed the rally. She said that “political turncoats” would not succeed this time around and they would find it very hard to face the public.

She said the ones deserting the party would meet such an end that the others considering ditching the party would think ten times before jumping the ship.

Hailing Khawaja Asif for his loyalty, Maryam said, “People hold Khawaja Asif in high esteem for he is a loyal person. The entire city turned up to welcome Asif after he was disqualified.”

Former first daughter said the only crime of Nawaz Sharif was that he refused to bow his head [to the establishment] and did not take orders from any power.

She said that PTI leader Jahangir Tareen did not face any NAB investigation despite proof of corruption against him but the whole family of Nawaz Sharif had to face JIT and injustice was being done to them in the name of accountability.

Initially, the public gathering was to be arranged at Rahim Abad, the native town of Leghari brothers – PML-N MNA Arshad Khan Leghari and district council chairman Azhar Khan Leghari. But MPA Chaudhry Muhammad Shafiq wanted it to take place in Sadiqabad city. After negotiations, it was decided to hold the jalsa at a third venue – Ahmedpur Lamma.

Kaiwan Danish & Bilal Habib