ISLAMABAD Ministry of Interior has informed Senate Standing Committee on Interior that Americans have hired a total of 312 private houses in different sectors of the Federal Capital where 453 American nationals are living. However, these Americans are divided into two categories; US nationals and Special Americans. According to details, 39 are US nationals who are living in 28 houses, while 414 others fall in second category and they have hired 284 houses, it was further informed on Monday. Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Talha Mehmood during the meeting raised the question to elaborate the term 'Special American. It was further informed that 247 Chinese were living in 174 hired houses in Islamabad, 290 European had hired 236 houses while 829 other foreigners had hired 539 houses in the Federal Capital. The Interior Ministry in its report to the committee also confirmed that DYNCorp was recruiting trained security guards and retired personnel from the armed forces of various countries who were being trained for specific purpose. Reportedly an American Security Company Blackwater (XE Worldwide) is also being established here and Mr. Ray, a former security chief in Netherlands embassy, is its chief. Captain Zaidi, Dr. Iqtidar, Pir Sadiq and a nephew of Hashwani are among its facilitators, the report stated. It was also informed that the foreigners living in these hired houses had sophisticated weapons with them. To a question about DYNCorp, Black Water, Inspector General Police Islamabad Kaleem Imam told the committee that US had signed an agreement with a security company named World Protection Service Group to take security measures for US offices in America and other countries. He said that the group sublet its projects as was given to Inter-Risk. The IGP further informed that police had the will to check the foreigners. We stopped them at Peshawar Mor, Islamabad, and recovered weapons from their custody but we can not arrest them due to international law. We can just complain to the concerned embassies, Kaleem added. He told that no foreign security company was working in Islamabad. Senator Talha also quoted the incident of SHO Hakim Khan who was beaten by an American marine. The IGP told that the marine was deported and US Embassy had also apologised over the incident. Secretary Interior Ministry Qamar Zaman said that the ministry had prepared a circular and according to that no foreigner could hire any house in Pakistan without informing police and district administration. He commented, We should not be too strict with the foreigners and no one is living in Pakistan without permission of the Government of Pakistan. The Chairman Senate Standing Committee also asked the Ministry of Interior to provide details of the 500 high utility multipurpose vehicles, which were earlier, imported. He said that the committee should be informed why and for whom these costly vehicles were imported. He also asked to provide reason for allowing visa to Mr. David, a head of an NGO, Creative Associate International, working in Peshawar. David was, earlier, deported from Pakistan. Talha also asked to provide reasons for Davids deportation. Senator Talha also raised the question why the law enforcement agencies had not yet arrested partners of Captain Zaidi namely Dr Iqtdar, Pir Sadiq and a nephew of Hashwani. Senator Haji Adeel criticised Islamabad Capital Territory Administration and Islamabad Police for blocking the roads, especially in front of two big hotels. He pointed out that these two hotels were using public property as parking areas for their customers and had blocked the road. He asked the ICTA to remove the blockades immediately from the roads and open them for the civilians. The committee had given the deadline of November 14 to ICTA to open all blocked roads and vacate public property from these hotels. Meanwhile, Additional Secretary Interior told the committee that the scanners and some other material were imported from China. To a question, he told that the total cast of this project was Rs. 73.8 billion. Talking about the visit of US Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Hillary Clinton, Senator Talha said that it seemed as America wanted to improve its image. He said that for improving the image, the US should release Dr. Aafia without any condition.