LAHORE - The present Punjab Assembly has no dearth of legislators who never miss an opportunity to set wrong parliamentary traditions in the House, and also keep on reviving them time and again. Interestingly, these members have also earned the distinction of first setting a 'record, and then breaking it themselves, not giving this opportunity to any body else. The Mondays assembly session was no exception to this 'set tradition. In the first place, Speaker, Rana Muhammad Iqbal created history by starting the session with an unprecedented delay of over three hours at 6:05 pm, whereas the scheduled time for commencement was 3 pm. By doing so, he actually broke his own previous record of starting the meeting late he had set during the foregoing session, which was over two hours. It is, however, yet to be seen who breaks this new record, either Rana himself or some coming Speaker. But given his 'track record, it is not hard to fathom who will do it. Majority of members had the consensus that this was for the first time that session started so late, with a delay of over three hours. It was also during Mondays sitting that assembly members and media persons sitting in the press gallery came to know of the indispensability of law minister in starting an assembly session. It happened due to busy schedule of the Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, Senior Punjab Minister Raja Riaz told the House when a seasoned parliamentarian, Saeed Akbar Niwani, on a point of order drew chairs attention towards the delay, terming it something unusual in parliamentary history of Punjab Assembly. The minister sought forgiveness from the members, assuring that it would not happen again. The Speaker also attributed the delay to busy schedule of law minister, implying thereby that session could not be started in law ministers absence. Mr Niwani pleaded that it was responsibility of the Speaker to start the session as early as possible irrespective of whether sufficient member of members were present in the House or not. He stressed that such unparliamentary practices should be discouraged. It was absolutely wrong and unjustified to keep representatives from across Punjab on tenterhooks for so long just for the sake of one person, he expressed his annoyance over the situation. It was known later on that PML-N had convened a meeting of its partys parliamentary party at 90-Shara-e-Quaid-e-Azam at 3 pm, the time for meeting of the assembly. After this, there started a meeting on law and order situation at the same place and the law minister got busy there. In the meantime, the Speaker and Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly, Ch Zaheeruddin kept waiting for him to start a meeting of business advisory committee, a pre-requisite for initiation of assembly session. Traditionally, just before start of assembly session, members from the Treasury and Opposition meet in the presence of Speaker to set the agenda of that particular session. Another notable feature of Mondays assembly sitting was the usual absence of Punjab Minister for Local Government, Sardar Dost Muhammad Khosa from the Question Hour, and the usual inappropriate answers given by Parliamentary Secretary, Abdur Razzaq Dhillon. In a way, there was nothing unusual in it because Mr Khosa just kept up his old practice of absenting himself from Question Hour relating to his department, and Mr Dhillon did not budge an inch from his hallmark of befooling the House by his vague and incomplete answers. Sorry, I could not get your point, Could you please come up again, It makes a fresh question, were the remarks repeated uttered by Dhillon while facing supplementary questions by members during the Question Hour. At times, it seemed he did not even knew what was mentioned in the written answer as he made many contradictory statements on flour of the House.