Irrespective of the issue in question, NRO of course, the treasury appeared fragile against the potent opposition, perhaps, for reluctant but effective combo of Pakistan Muslim Leagues rival factions ('N and 'Q) in National Assembly, Monday. It appeared that the coalition partners had already left the government in the lurch over the issue of National Reconciliation Ordinance. That is why perhaps the PPP MPs turned pale when the Opposition Leader categorically refused to listen to anyone from the government side. It was quite a decisive move on part of the PML-N to stay back even after announcing a walkout to listen to the speech of PML-Q Leader Ch Pervaiz Elahi but not that of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. This might also bring Premier Gilani out of the syndrome of a 'consensus Prime Minister. Faced with an embarrassing situation, the Prime Minister, therefore, described the oppositions protest a reaction to what the government has not done at all so far. Still, the tone of the Prime Minister revealed the strength of his words. Not only the Prime Minister, perhaps, the entire PPP has realized that the days are over when there used to be a scattered or 'friendly opposition. PML-N MPs were so charged during the session on Monday that they caught the slip of tongue on part of none else but Speaker Fahmida Mirza. It was also perhaps for the first time that the Speaker National Assembly was forced to eat her words. However, euphoria of combined opposition evaporated as the PML-N and Q walked out of the House. Since the PML-N leader had already addressed a press conference in the Capital so no one could dare say anything as per the parliamentary traditions. Perhaps both the vanguards of the two parties PML-N and PML-Q had discretion only to walk out together but not walk along outside the House. Similarly, the ruling PPP also had two postures. On floor of the House, PPP members appeared backing their 'democratic president like anything. But outside the National Assembly hall, every second PPP MP was to issue a disclaimer that he or she was not, 'at all beneficiary of the notorious NRO. The disclaimer from majority of PPP MPs gave birth to at least a common demand from the Chaudhries from N and Q Leagues asking who were the beneficiaries of NRO? Hence answer to this rather popular question, unfortunately, forces one to have a second look at the conspiracy theory of 'formula one.