ISLAMABAD Following two deadly blasts in Rawalpindi and Lahore, the Federal Capital has almost been sealed for three days to preempt any terrorist activity. Having instructions from the Ministry of Interior, the Islamabad Police have called up all reserved force to deploy them at entry points. In addition to ground deployment, the police have also stationed snipers at over 85 overview points including areas surrounding the Red Zone, sources informed. Police have started strict checking at all entry and exit points of the City, besides enhancing patrolling. According to details, SSP Tahir Alam Khan has directed all police officers to launch special drive against anti-social elements in their respective areas and intensify security measures. He directed the police force to ensure strict checking at all the exit and entry points and keep a vigilant eye on suspicious elements. Islamabad Police have directed the owners of hotels, motels, guesthouses, and inns to keep record of their clients including copies of identity cards and other relevant documents, besides keeping the concerned police stations abreast about the said information. Police spokesman said that the security of all important installations had been enhanced. Additional contingents of police have been provided to all police stations and Rescue 15 and police commandos have started joint patrolling in their respective areas. The police have appealed to all citizens to extend complete cooperation and immediately inform the concerned police station or 15 about any suspicious person or unclaimed luggage.