Al-Qaeda elements exist in Pak-Afghan border areas including South Waziristan, said Interior Minister Rehman Malik, adding, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States will have to devise a joint strategy to wipe out such elements. No doubt, more than 5000 Al-Qaeda foreign elements are present in South Waziristan and carrying out terror activities in collaboration with Tehrik-e- Taliban Pakistan, he maintained. Talking to the BBC Urdu on Monday, the minister asserted that the sitting government would not sign any deal with South Waziristan-based extremists. This time, the political leadership and every individual is backing Pak army in the ongoing operation and the government has decided not to show any flexibility in this regard. There is no place for Taliban in Pakistan. However, he said the government would review cases of such people who opt to lay down their arms. Rehman said such elements were spreading to other areas such as Orakzai Agency, but the government was committed to take action against them. He emphasised that US and Afghanistan had to take steps to cut Talibans supply line. All the weapons seized during the ongoing operation indicate the fact that they were made in other countries, and are being supplied through Afghanistan areas. As long as, the supply line of arms and explosives is not cut, the problem will remain as it is, he stressed. To a question, the minister said Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US had to craft a joint strategy to counter Al-Qaeda threat. Unfortunately, all three nations were following three different policies in this connection, he added. He said that forces were taking action only against terror elements in South Waziristan rather than involving the entire Mehsud or Wazir tribes.