ISLAMABAD Rather than doing something proactively for release of the five Pakistanis languishing in Guantanamo Bay, the government is waiting for the US to close down the prison to move about their fate. USA authorities are said to have decided to close Guantanamo Bay, if so, let them close it first then we will decide the fate of five of our nationals, Foreign Office spokesperson said on Monday. The spokesperson made this stunning disclosure when he was asked by TheNation if government was taking any step for release of five Pakistanis imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. To the surprise of many, five Pakistanis presently at Guantanamo Bay were still waiting for assistance even after the passage of seven years. While senseless bosses of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistans Embassy in Washington are waiting for closure of Guantanamo Bay rather than making efforts to secure release of Pak-nationals. It seems that Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its mission abroad have forgotten the five, many people think. At the moment five Pakistanis were languishing in Guantanamo Bay including Hafiz Qari Muhammad Saad Iqbal Madni, Saif Allah Paracha, Abdul Rabbani Abd Al Rahim, Abu Rehman, Muhammad Ahmed Ghulam Rabbani and Amad Al Balochi. They were arrested during the period 2002-2004. Since coming into power, representations of incumbent government had been making promises to get the detainees back to Pakistan, however, nothing has been done in this regard so for, sources told TheNation. It is pertinent to note that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi assured the parliamentarians a year back on November 2008 that PPP-led government would bring Pakistanis detained in Guantanamo Bay back 'soon. However, efforts were yet to be taken for their release. Although, the Pakistani community in the US staged several protests against the criminal silence of the Pakistan Embassy in the US over this serious matter of concern, however, these protests failed to mobilise higher authorities of Washington Embassy to take steps in this regard. Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abdul Basit further said the government had engaged in efforts at political and diplomatic levels to seek early repatriation of all Pakistani detainees at Guantanamo Bay as well as to ensure that the detainees were well looked after and provided with necessary facilities. Our Embassy in Washington had maintained regular contact with the office of War Crimes issues in the Department of State for seeking repatriation of the five Pakistani detainees, he said.