LAHORE - Lawyers throughout the country would observe Black Day today (Tuesday) in condemnation of imposition of emergency, promulgation of PCO and other unconstitutional steps taken by former Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf on the same day two years ago. The bar associations and councils have announced to observe boycott of court proceedings, hold protest rallies besides convening general house meetings to condemn the unconstitutional acts of former dictator. In the City, the Lahore High Court Bar Association and the Lahore Bar Association would take out a joint protest rally from GPO Chowk to Chairing Cross with the participation of civil society. Prior to the rally the bars would hold general house meetings at 10:30am at their respective bars after the rally. President LHCBA Nasira Iqbal would address a press conference. President LHCBA Nasira and Secretary SCBA Raja Zulqarnain held a joint press conference and said the lawyers would opt court boycott after 10:30 am. They said the LHC Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif had ensured that the cases would not be dismissed due to lawyers non-appearance before the courts. Prevez Musharraf had imposed emergency on November 3, 2007 and had sent packing more than 60 judges of superior courts through Provisional Constitutional Order. Musharrafs unconstitutional sparked countrywide protest as lawyers, civil society and media launched a historical movement. Resultantly, the sacked judges were restored in March 2009. Former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association Aitzaz Ahsan said November 3rd reminded us the brutality of dictators who not only sacked 60 judges but also detained them along with their family members including minor children. He said this had not happened in entire history of mankind even Pharaoh had not dared to take such brazen steps. Lawyers are observing Black Day to give message to next generations that such unconstitutional steps would never be accepted. He pointed out that adventurers should learn a lesson from Musharraf as once 'powerful man is now so weak that he is unable to come back to Pakistan to face cases against him. He said lawyers would observe Black Day on November 3 every year. Vice-Chairman Punjab Bar Council Asif Mlaik advocate said black flags would be hoisted at rooftop of bar buildings while lawyers would wear black armbands as well.