KARACHI - The lawyers community on Monday announced that lawyers across the country will observe November 3 (Tuesday) today as Black Day to condemn the imposition of emergency and holding the Constitution in abeyance by former dictator and mark the second anniversary of the 'black act that had pushed the country to the brink of chaos and anarchy. The announcement was made at a joint press conference addressed by Sindh Bar Council (SBC) Vice Chairman Mehmoodul Hassan, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Executive Committee Member Zia Ahmed Awan, Karachi Bar Association (KBA) President Mohammad Ali Abbasi, Haleem Siddiqui and others lawyer leaders. The lawyer leaders also announced boycott of courts proceedings and hoisting black flags at bar buildings through out the country. They strongly condemned the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), saying that the lawyers fraternity neither had accepted the 'black law nor will do. The lawyers will always stand against such laws and if the rulers try to pass the ordinance from the house than they will take it to court of people, they vowed. They castigated Advocate Naeem Bukhari and Barristar Ahmed Raza Kasuri for providing support to legitimize such black ordinance. The lawyers leaders pointed out that the legal fraternitys struggle for the independence of judiciary was not cease rather continued in its second phase, adding that they would never compromise the rule of law and supremacy of the judiciary. The former dictator suspended the Constitution thereby abrogating even the most fundamental of rights of the masses and imposed PCO while detaining the upright Chief Justice and other judges of the apex courts as well as the respected leaders of the lawyers movement along with their families, they recalled. The dictator muzzled the media and launched a massive crackdown on journalists whereby police brutally baton-charged and arrested nearly 200 journalists from the Karachi Press Club alone, they said. They added that the lawyers fraternity felt that though much had changed since that fateful day on March 9, 2007 when a despot attempted to bully the honourable chief justice into taming. The ensuing struggle initially and finally, led by lawyers and later joined the masses, society as well as a number of political parties ultimately forced the dictator to resign on August 18, 2008, they added. They maintained that the global history failed to provide a single example of such a valiant struggle against dictators anywhere that successfully achieved all of its objectives despite such heinous atrocities including cold blooded murders and immolation and acid throwing on Pakistani lawyers already subjected to severe physical and mental threats by the state authorities on the one hand and crucial financial hardships due to boycott of apex courts as a protest against the PCO judges. The lawyers leaders said that the legal fraternity had decided to observe November 3 as Black Day with the solemn pledge that Pakistanis would never let such a day come in the future. The Bar Associations across the country will hold special meeting, seminars and gatherings to mark the day. The lawyers across the country will wear black armbands as sign to reaffirm their commitment to the rule of the law and supremacy of the constitution.