Musharraf single handedly carried out the Lal Masjid massacre. The total number of casualties is still unknown but Musharraf himself confessed on a TV channel sometime ago that "only 93 lives were lost". Chaudhry Shujaat cleared himself by saying that they had completed negotiations with Rasheed Ahmed Ghazi and a peaceful solution was arrived at. However, he says they were asked to report back to the Presidency which threw away the deal with Rasheed Ghazi and the military action was under taken. Like I said, Musharraf himself confessed of 93 deaths during the military operation. Constitutional violations, bickering by political parties for his trial through a parliamentary vote and all other related rhetoric on one side, Lal Masjid tragedy alone is sufficient ground for trying Musharraf for manslaughter and lead him to gallows. For this purpose, if no political party, NGO, or pressure group comes forward to take the lead, suo motto action must be taken by the Apex court. After the confession, the verdict looks simple: Death for one out of 93 murders and blood compensation for 92. The Sharia fixes blood compensation at 2000 goats and today the cheapest available goat costs no less than five thousand rupees. Thus blood compensation for one murder works out to ten million rupees. Musharraf should therefore be forced to pay Rs. 920 million to the victims if he has that money available to him. Or the money be paid to the government for public use. He should then be hanged. This would send shivers down the spines of other violators of human rights. -M. AKRAM BHAUR, Lahore, November 1.