ISLAMABAD Terming the NRO a black law and a stigma on the face of Parliament, the Opposition staged a walkout from the National Assembly on Monday, chanting slogans against the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). Even Premier Gilanis eleventh hour dash to the House could not appease the highly charged Opposition lawmakers. The situation took an ugly turn, when upon the conclusion of the speech by Opposition Leader Ch Nasir Ali Khan against the bulldozing of the notorious NRO in the NA Standing Committee on Law and Justice, PML-N and PML-Q MPs rose to their seats and started chanting slogans 'NRO Namanzoor (NRO not acceptable). Despite repeated requests from the Chair, opposition members did not stop chanting slogans and Speaker Dr Fahmida Mirza was forced to remark It is hard to do away with bad habits. The remarks of the Speaker added fuel to the fire and the opposition members even vociferously started chanting slogans against NRO coupled with thumping of the desks. PML-N Kh Asif and Abid Sher Ali demanded of the Chair to apologise to the House for using unparliamentary words bad habits. Despite requests from Leader of Opposition and some other senior party members, the charged MNAs refused to take their seats and kept on chanting slogans. Later, the Speaker caved in and expunged the 'word from the proceedings. Earlier in his speech, Ch Nisar Ali Khan asked the government not to bring the NRO before the House as its passage from the Parliament would be a stigma on the face of not only the Parliament but also the whole nation. He said that if at all the government was adamant to bring it in the Parliament, it should be done as per the parliamentary norms and rules. The parliamentarians should be informed about its tabling well before time, so that they could evolve strategy against it. Refusing to listen to any of the federal ministers, Ch Nisar Ali Khan warned that they (the Opposition) would not let the Parliament function normally in case an attempt was made to get it tabled and passed from the House the way it was steamrolled in the NA Standing Committee on Law and Justice. A moment before the Opposition staged a walkout from the National Assembly, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani rushed to the House but his eleventh hour entry failed to calm down the highly charged opposition members and they left the house saying that they would announce their future course of action later. As the Opposition MPs belonging to 'N and 'Q were walking out of the House, Premier Gilani took the floor and regretted the walkout by opposition and once again expressed his resolve to run the House taking all the stakeholders along. He made it clear that they would not do anything detrimental to democracy, as the political forces had given countless sacrifices for it. He said that the government was in consultation with its allies on NRO and a final decision about its fate would be taken after taking them into confidence. He assured the House that the business would be carried out in a purely democratic way. The Prime Minister reaffirmed his commitment that the way the House was run in the past would continue with consensus in future as well. Earlier, speaking on a point of order Leader of Opposition Ch Nisar Ali Khan came down hard on the government for trying to impose a notorious law on the Parliament and the nation, which was crafted by a dictator to perpetuate his rule. He made it clear that PML-N would oppose it tooth and nail and would not let it get passed from the Parliament. He termed it unfair that Parliaments face be blackened for the misdeeds of others. He advised the rulers to take the cases of their corruption to the independent judiciary and not drag the Parliament in this dirty affair. He sought the list of all the beneficiaries and the details of the cases withdrawn against them. The details should be presented before the House, he demanded. Nisar regretted that the way the government was imposing things on the Parliament had no parallel even in the dictatorial rules of the past. Having praised the Speaker National Assembly Dr Fahmida Mirza for running the House in an efficient fashion, Ch Nasir Ali Khan informed the Chair how the NRO got passed from the NA Standing Committee and how the committees composition was changed by inducting a federal minister, an independent MNA with leanings towards the government. Thus the government got a decision of its choice, he said. He further said that the proceedings of the NA Standing Committee on Law and Justice were also made in haste and things were steamrolled to get the NRO through from it on October 30. Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that he had written a letter to the Speaker but when by 30th of this month no action was taken on his letter, he withdrew it in protest as by the time that meeting of the committee had accomplished its task. He further said that the Public Accounts Committee of National Assemblys meeting was also scheduled for Oct 30, but they were not allowed the meeting on security reasons. However, at the same time the NA Standing Committee was allowed to not only hold the meeting but also to continue it even after Juma prayers when the US Secretary of States Hillary Clinton was to visit National Assembly Secretariat. Amid slogans of 'NRO not acceptable Central Leader of PML-Q Ch Pervaiz Elahi took the floor and said that had the matter of NRO been taken up properly in the meeting of all the parliamentary parties with Speaker National Assembly the confusion and uproar could have been averted. He also grilled the religious leaders in various political parties and questioned where Islam had given the provision to set free those who had indulged in corruption and corrupt practices. Later, Opposition members belonging to 'N and 'Q League walked out of the House in protest. Speaker National Assembly Dr Fahmida Mirza gave explanation about the composition on the NA Standing Committee on Law and Justice and said that the changes in the committees composition were made much before the matter was brought before it.